Eir Common Shared Code

Commonly used code by the Eir development environment. It contains logic for memory management, dynamic type systems, paging and more. The main goal is to share important code across all projects of the Eir development environment.

The code is being regularly compiled using MSBUILD and GCC. Thus we at least support Linux and Windows.

Here is the layout of the repository:

  • ‘common/’: contains the actual SDK, the actual eirrepo
  • ‘luacommon/’: contains code used mainly with eirlua repository
  • ‘shextshared’: contains shell extension essentials
  • ‘unittests/’: all test code for classes in eirrepo

Learn more on how to use this code here.

Using eirrepo

If you want to use this code in your own project you are meant to create a “vendor” directory in which you perform a “check-out” of it along with the listed dependencies. Here is a tutorial on how to set up your SVN repository.